Families Get Permanent Housing



homeless family
photo credit: Family & Children’s Place

Our mission at Arbor House focuses on helping families to view their dilemma realistically in order to get permanent supported housing. We encourage them, combined with case management support. This strategy frequently results in dramatic progress for them.

A twenty-eight year old woman came to St. Francis House. Her two children were living temporarily in Department of Children and Families (DCF). Motivated to get them back, she started a job search. Within a week
Walmart hired her. Her next step: apply for housing at Arbor House.

She moved into AH within a month. During that time she took steps to regain custody of her children. Working diligently, being a good resident, and a desire to fix her living conditions are paying off.

This story illustrates a motivated process and best outcome for a homeless family struggling to recover self-sufficiency.

We are committed to helping families like the one in this story. You can help us with your commitment to a single woman or mother with children.