St Francis House Scholarship Fund

St Francis House is committed to helping homeless people get permanent supported housing. It can take time, case management, job searching, life skills assistance, and availability before permanent housing is secured.

You can help a homeless person take steps toward self-sufficiency by subscribing to our scholarship fund. Make a one year commitment to support an individual and/or family. Pay monthly or yearly. That way you can be part of their success.

All subscription funds apply to rent payments while our clients progress toward having their own home. When you help in this way, you are making a huge difference in someone’s life. By supporting a safe shelter for a homeless person in our care, you increase their success on many levels. They will sleep safe at night. They will be able to care for themselves better than on the streets. They will need less emergency services, or none at all. The list goes on … including having an address, bus passes, access to counseling, and eating healthy food.

Take a moment to subscribe to our scholarship fund. Don’t worry, if you have to unsubscribe you can do it at any time.