Girl Scout Troop 1688 Helps Arbor House


Arbor House exterior
2017 © Studio 118
Girls Scout Troop 1688, Gainesville, Florida, took up a collection and raised money for immediate needs to assist women and children at Arbor House.

They learned about Case Management, too, and the role it plays in providing services to AH residents. During their time visiting AH, several girls said they were interested in learning about how to become case managers in the future.

Our relationship with these girls, and the benefits they bring to our residents, benefit the City of Gainesville, and Alachua County. Though volunteer assistance, education, and benefits to our clients, these Girl Scouts provide bridges to and from women transitioning from homelessness to self-sufficiency, and community interest and support.
— Jessica Miller, Case Manager

Girl Scouts in Their Own Words

“I wanted to help Arbor House because we’re girls and we want to help other girls. The people who work and live there deserve to have a good life because they are all really nice. It was cool to sell things and see people’s faces when they saw our stuff and we told them about Arbor House and they really wanted to give money and support Arbor House.” — Sophia

“I wanted to help Arbor House because its girls’ helping girls and it’s the right thing to do. We want to help people start a new better life.” — Amber

“The people at Arbor House deserve to start over and it’s the right thing to do. I liked making the wood crafts; I liked carving the wood and painting them.”
— Caroline