Homeless Children Shelter at St Francis House



homeless children go to school
image credit: www.care.com

Can you imagine homeless children starting their school year while living in a homeless shelter? Childhood education is an important time in a child’s life. For the ten homeless children living in our shelter that’s a reality.

Without support from private donators, we can’t provide funding for everything these kids need for school.

We appreciate organizations like Share for providing school supplies and backpacks for our kids, including a back to school party for parents and children.

HUD estimates in Point-in-Time Estimates that one quarter of homeless people are children. “On any given night over 138,000 of the homeless in the U.S. are children under the age of 18.”

Annually, over a million homeless children begin school in America. At St Francis House  we accept families and children.

We currently have ten children living in our shelter. It takes many organizations like Share to provide them with what they need for school. You can help, too.

If your church or community group would also like to be a community sponsor, please call Amy at (352) 378-9079 ext 317 for ways you can help us the most.

Become a community or private sponsor through in kind or monetary contributions. These children need it, and we need your help to make it happen. Donate today, and for more information contact our Volunteer Coordinator, Amy Lawson at (352) 378-9079 ext 317 to learn what important needs you can meet.