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  A housing dedication ceremony at Arbor House is a big event. It celebrates permanent supported housing. I attended one recently. The family being honored were my clients for one year. They were a pleasure to work with. The mom worked full time during their year at AH. And, at the same time she was…(Read More)

St Francis House sheltered a 55 year old woman for one and a half months. She had saved two disability checks to put toward permanent housing. Hard luck aside, her motivation was strong. While a shelter resident she worked hard, even when she was sick. Her dedication paid off. When her own apartment became a…(Read More)

  Our mission focuses on helping families to view their dilemma realistically. The next step is to take steps forward. We encourage them. Their motivation, combined with case management support, frequently result in dramatic progress for their families and them. A twenty-eight year old woman came to St. Francis House. Her two children were…(Read More)

Residents at Sunrise Apartments, permanent supported housing for St Francis House, Gainesville, Florida, receive ongoing case management. Resumé writing, college admissions, online employment applications, job-searching, job retention tips, budgeting, healthy eating, and more, combine support that seeks to insure permanent self-sufficiency for them. Referrals to outside agencies help residents reach their health, education…(Read More)

A pregnant woman with two young children came to Arbor House. While many families who come through AH’s transitional supported housing program have been homeless for many years, this mom had been homeless since age 7. She gave birth to her third child a few weeks after her arrival. We provided case management, in…(Read More)

Girls Scout Troop 1688, Gainesville, Florida, took up a collection and raised money for immediate needs to assist women and children at Arbor House. They learned about Case Management, too, and the role it plays in providing services to AH residents. During their time visiting AH, several girls said they were interested in learning about…(Read More)

Arbor House Success Story July 2016 One of our clients, after job-hunting for months, received sponsorship in July, and started working as a customer service representative for a car dealership. Once hired, she was ecstatic to to learn that she was one of three people selected out of 300 applicants. After struggling to find…(Read More)

Alice came to St Francis House this year, in August, with her two sons. When I met her, she needed a place to stay, and a way to transition to permanent housing. At that time several other shelters weren’t able to take her. She had relocated to Gainesville from a Domestic Violence situation. She…(Read More)

Applied Case Management for Pregnant Homeless Women Arbor House, a former maternity home, provides services for pregnant clients, and recently assisted women and women with children transition from homelessness to self-sufficiency. November saw the birth of one baby, another due in a month, and one resident just learned that she is pregnant. Two residents…(Read More)

October Notes: Children’s needs are met, and women transition through education, jobs, and support. At Arbor House, children need clothing for every season. Thanks to Share, and Executive Director Amy Pollack, our children are ready for winter. Share gave a Fall Party for them, when they made arts and crafts, and received personalized goody…(Read More)