Case Management at Sunrise Apartments: Emphasizing Life Skills Support


Permanent Housing
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Residents at Sunrise Apartments, permanent supported housing for St Francis House, Gainesville, Florida, receive ongoing case management. Resumé writing, college admissions, online employment applications, job-searching, job retention tips, budgeting, healthy eating, and more, combine support that seeks to insure permanent self-sufficiency for them.

Referrals to outside agencies help residents reach their health, education, social, and economic needs.

Many residents would still be living on the streets if not for their reduced rent, even though they are employed and working at full-time jobs. Preparing food for themselves is difficult while they are homeless. It compounds their vulnerability, because they often suffer from poor nutrition.

Numbers of homeless people on a single night in America can average half a million people. Many of them have jobs, yet lack housing in order to take care of themselves.

St Francis House and its Sunrise Residence Inn, through private, city, county, and federal donors, provide a safety net for people who are not earning a living wage.

Though donors help fund our services, current expenses, like a major $20,000 plumbing repair require additional costs. Please donate now, and help make a life better. Be part of a process that provides ways that people can better provide for themselves. Thank you!

— Rita Lawrence, Case Manager
Sunrise Residence Inn