Arbor House and St Francis House: Assisting Homeless to Permanent Housing

St Francis House and its Arbor House property are established service providers in Gainesville, Florida. Their shared purpose provides assistance for homeless women and children.

Immediate Needs Stabilize Homeless People

Families are first sheltered. Services addressing their needs come first. Both AH and SFH provide safe places to live. Once they are stable, case management begins. Case management forms the cornerstone of their successful outcomes.

Case Management Builds Case Plans for Unique Client Issues

Case managers work one on one with clients. Together, tailored case plans are developed to meet client’s unique needs. A fully working case plan includes researching services and developing relationships with other community agencies and donors.

Case plans typically have these goals: saving money, getting jobs, enrolling children in school or childcare, and basic self-sufficiency.

Moving to Permanent Housing Requires Referral, and Opportunity

When clients have information and resources, they choose opportunities to get ahead. Families actively participating in their case plan have greater chances for moving into a home. That strategy can break their cycles of poverty and homelessness.

Longer Term Case Management Increases Success Rates

Length of stay in St Francis House and Arbor House varies, although AH provides longer term housing and more in-depth case management. Frequently, when clients experience both programs, first SFH, then AH, their success rates increase.

Short-term intensive case management at SFH followed by longer-term case management (six months or more) at AH, sustain case management and continued learning. Arbor House clients meet with their case managers over time, reflecting client’s growing independence and on-going benefits.

Combined Support Strategies Increase Success Rates to End Homelessness

Longer term services at Arbor House rely on more time to address the issues that led to their client’s homelessness. Case plans get more focused yet remain client-centered. That can mean attending college, getting more advanced counseling, accessing healthcare, and paying off debts. Reaching these goals increase chances for long-term success.
St Francis House shelters families and children, providing them with immediate needs, intensive case management, and strategies for moving forward in their lives. Many of their guests would otherwise be sleeping on the streets.

Arbor House forms a bridge between their client’s intermittent homelessness and permanent housing for women and children. Both SFH and AH have programs that provide housing and case management. They equip people who are in different stages of homelessness, based on their unique needs. Residents pay and income-based rent. You can adopt a resident by supporting a scholarship fund.

The St Francis House organization, with its properties and professional services, helps move homeless people to permanent housing using safe homes and best practices.