A Mother and Three Children Move Through Transitional Housing


two girls in a play yard
2017 © Jessica Miller

A pregnant woman with two young children came to Arbor House. While many families who come through AH’s transitional supported housing program have been homeless for many years, this mom had been homeless since age 7.

She gave birth to her third child a few weeks after her arrival. We provided case management, in addition to a community of women. We worked together every day she was with us.

During our intensive program that includes life skills, coping methods, and building self-respect, we learned about another child, now a teenager, who was removed from her care when she was a teenager. She suffered from PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) and depression.

Unconditional emotional support highlighted her time at Arbor House. She wanted to end the cycle of poverty that gripped her when she was young.

Arbor House is currently the only facility in Gainesville, Florida that provides transitional supported housing for single women and women with children. We are a safe place for them, providing services tailored to their needs.

— Jessica L. Miller, MS